Huawei Mate X ELEMENT All Version Low-poly 3D model

Huawei Mate X ELEMENT 3D V2.2 model-->>>>4 model Huawei Mate X 0-90-170-180 degrees models gift I give prepared-after effects project as a gift in 13 and 18 versions.Also I made 'Huawei Mate X_ELEMENT 3D.c4d' file open in all 3d versions. I exported to model without performing subdivision surface.To support low-poly , you can get high quality one opening subdivision surface.I created model in pieces and real sizes that you can create animations. It's a high quality model work, supports low poly, created by cinema 4D. You can increase quality using subdivision surface.
Im trying yo develop myself in 3D projects also trying to give you my works controlling issues and fixing them. Im trying to do best. Please feedback faulty works that I can help you. I will be happy when you rate and comment on my works. After Effects Element 3D and supports file formats are available. Poly = 26280 Vertex = 25792

Huawei Mate X 3D Model turnable render